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Why i need this service

  • Saving – Low cost promotional tool
  • Increasing Revenue – Exposure to costumers to benefits on your business
  • Innovation – Broadcasting your message to empowering business image
  • EffectivenessExposure to many more customers
  • Simplicity – Send your message from a simple and intuitive cloud based system
  • Control – Reports on the activities

So what is so Special about us?

Welcome to bearSMS!
Let me tell you about us for a few minutes, Stay it will worth your while!
We at bearSMS think of us as your bridge to successes, Through us you can promote you business with no special effort on your behalf.

  • Take your business to the next level.
  • Upload your Recipient and start promoting yourself immediately.
  • Manage your messages via an easy and intuitive web based platform
  • Take your business to various target audiences.

And all this you can do by pressing the little button. So come on we are waiting for


Does my SMS package is Temporary?
There is no Validity on your package, you can Enter when ever you like to your BearSMS account and start sending messages until the package is done.

Is it a one-time payment?
Yes. you pay for your package only. according to the amount of messages you buy.

How do i get username and password?
As soon there is a confirmation on the purchase, The system will automatically open for you an account and will sent the details automatically to your email and phone.

Do you use my information?
No. we do not use your information at all

Does the System require installation?
No. Our system is based on Cloud Technology (Saas).
To enter the system all you need to do is enter via your browser.

Can i send message with different languages?
Yes. you can send message in Various languages.

Can i send messages to different countries?
Yes. but the cost per message will be different according to the county

Our Affiliates

See our biggest Affiliates and our smallest Affiliates succeeded

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Contact & Prices

Num of MessagesCost per messageCost of all package