BearSMS Features

cell-clipart-KTn49dATq Easy and intuitive cloud base system – everyone can operate our system and send SMS messages

cell-clipart-KTn49dATq  Send SMS via your computer – Our system is web based and doesn’t need any installation from your behalf.

cell-clipart-KTn49dATq Send SMS to everywhere you like – Our system lets you send SMS to every carrier.

cell-clipart-KTn49dATq Scheduled your message – You can Schedule a message to a specific person or a group.

cell-clipart-KTn49dATq Define a Sender ID that will appear in the recipient phone – You can define which sender ID you would like.

cell-clipart-KTn49dATq Manage a List of Distribution – Create your own distribution (e.g: list of employes, or list of customers).

cell-clipart-KTn49dATq Send SMS in any language – You can send SMS in any language you would like.

cell-clipart-KTn49dATq Send s link to webpage – send link to a specific product or a webpage

cell-clipart-KTn49dATq Distribute SMS – Send SMS us a reminder for a birhday party, or for a meeting, or even for a party

cell-clipart-KTn49dATq API for Sending SMS – an API that allow you to send SMS from your software for any use, you can change setting using the API, add recipient etc…

cell-clipart-KTn49dATq Send mass SMS via one SMS – you can send an sms to the system and she will distribute your message to a specific group or contacts.